Cornwall actively welcomes the arrival of new businesses to the county. The InvestinCornwall (UK & Europe) team has been established to offer a one-stop-shop to businesses who are thinking of relocating and provide expert advice and support to help facilitate the move.

We believe Cornwall is a great place to be in business, and if you take a look at some of the businesses that have already made the move you’ll understand why. The businesses that we are hoping to attract are those who aren’t content to accept mediocrity – who have the energy and enthusiasm to go for the best they can achieve. It’s businesses like these that will have the most to contribute to Cornwall’s continuing economic success.

So if this is you, what services can we offer? Looking into eligible finance options such as business loans and grants, IT / broadband requirements and solutions, advice and support on recruitment and training, undertaking or sourcing initial research requirements, for example on the state of the local market or supply chains, facilitating introductions to key contacts within the county, such as organisers of sector networks or R&D grants.