RSM Malta

Multi-discipline support for companies wishing to invest in Malta

RSM Malta is a multi-disciplinary company with a proven track record and an approach that gets things done on time to exacting standards.. RSM Malta assists and advises entrepreneurs interested in setting up their business in Malta and provides on-going support services to enable these businesses to meet compliance and reporting obligations.

RSM Malta employs various specialists to provide the following services: Licensing assistance, preparation of business plans, tax planning and compliance, company formation, mergers & acquisitions, accounting, business and IT advisory, due diligence and audit. Our organisational set up is such that it enables us to provide swift and efficient response to client needs to ensure the highest standard of services at all times.

Malta’s EU membership provides freedom of movement of goods, services, citizens and capital between Malta and the other EU member states therefore creating a single market of continental dimensions. It has a a highly skilled and educated English speaking workforce, an excellent communication structure, stable political and economic environments, excellent fiscal incentives and a strong industrial relations record.