Package of investor services helps investors recognise Slovenia’s competitive advantages

If you’re looking to invest in Slovenia, JAPTI can help you save time and money, so that your investment is effective and profitable. JAPTI’s enthusiastic team of experts will tailor solutions to suit your specific requirements and put you in touch with private and public organisations including an aftercare programme. JAPTI create partnerships with foreign investors in order to pave the way to taking advantage of new opportunities for the benefit of all stakeholders broadly perceived as essential to the long-term economic success of Slovenia and its partner countries.

JAPTI operates on a mandate to attract and retain foreign direct investment, foster entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, help companies venturing into international markets, and promote globally the business image of Slovenia to improve performance in line with commitment to land more foreign direct investment projects in Slovenia. A growing network of Slovenian economic representative offices provide direct support to companies eager to strengthen their presence in a specific market and to promote bilateral trade, investment, culture, science and technology exchanges and cooperation. Japti provide the building blocks to a better understanding Slovenian investment.