McCarthy & Stone

McCarthy & Stone is a leading retirement house builder, based in the UK. The company operates from six regional offices, and is responsible for constructing two thirds of Britain’s retirement housing stock each year. Since 1977, it has been responsible for selling 50,000 properties across the UK.

John McCarthy and Bill Stone entered into partnership in 1961 and in 1977 they built their first retirement housing development in Hampshire. McCarthy & Stone stopped all its other building work to concentrate on developing specialist housing for older people. By 1982, when the Company was floated on the Unlisted Securities Market, McCarthy & Stone had completed 15 retirement housing developments and was selling around 200 units a year.

McCarthy & Stone was delisted from the London Stock Exchange in December 2006 following a successful takeover bid of over £1 billion from a consortium including David and Simon Reuben and Sir Tom Hunter. The company successfully refinanced in August 2013 under new ownership.