An electricity company with a difference

Ecotricity are dedicated to changing the way electricity is made. We take the money our customers spend on electricity and invest it in clean forms of power like wind energy. What’s more, we’re the only green electricity company actually building these new renewable energy sources. In 2007 alone we invested £25 million in wind energy. We’ve been building wind turbines and selling electricity across the country since 1996. We supply people like Lush, the Co-operative Bank and are proud to be recommended by the Soil Association and Oxfam.

The other thing that not many people realise is that we can now all choose who supplies our electricity, and therefore how it’s made, so wherever you live in the country you can actually choose to have your home or business supplied by clean energy. The funny thing is switching takes about five minutes but it’s the biggest single step you can take to reduce your emissions and protect the environment.

I hope you’ll join us.