WWF believes in a future where people and nature thrive

Best known as the world’s leading conservation body, we’ve seen first-hand how wildlife, the environment and human activity are all interlinked.

That’s why our passion for safeguarding the natural world has to be backed up by other environmental action – tackling the global threat of climate change (through our big global campaigns like Earth Hour) and helping people to change the way they live to ease pressure on natural resources.

WWF is at the heart of global activities in all these areas. We have teams of highly skilled professionals working with governments, businesses and communities here in the UK and around the world.

WWF and IMD are orchestrating the One Planet Leaders meetings to help private sector companies meet the challenge of reversing the trends of environmental degradation and social inequality caused by global industry. One Planet Leaders is for planet-minded managers who want to use their position to leave a positive mark and influence the way we live, consume and do business. Please visit www.oneplanetleader.org for more information on One Planet Leaders.