Addressing key risk management challenges in OTC derivatives

TriOptima, an ICAP Group company, is the award-winning provider of OTC derivatives infrastructure services. Focused on reducing costs, eliminating operational and credit risk, and improving counterparty exposure management, TriOptima offers a range of services including triReduce, triResolve, and the Global Interest Rate Trade Reporting Repository.

triResolve is the leading counterparty exposure management service for OTC derivatives. Used by global dealers, regional banks and buy-side firms, triResolve currently handles 6 million trades representing over 75% of all uncleared OTC derivative transactions globally.

triReduce, the portfolio compression service for OTC derivative dealers, pioneers technology that eliminates risk and reduces operational and capital costs. Serving over 150 bank and non-bank subscribers worldwide including the major local and global dealers in derivatives, triReduce is a critical tool for maintaining post trade processing efficiency.

A key piece of industry infrastructure, the Interest Rate Trade Reporting Repository holds information for the full range of both cleared and non-cleared OTC derivative interest rate transactions, providing regulators with weekly reports for global transparency. Aggregate data is also available to the public at

TriOptima maintains offices in London, New York, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo.