Emerald Knight

Socially responsible & sustainable investment opportunities

Emerald Knight is uniquely positioned to take advantage of global economic trends. By offering our clients opportunities in growth markets we have created a “safe haven” for money in a time when many traditional investment vehicles are showing poor returns and the increase in value of residential property cannot be relied upon.

The market for companies to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting fuelled by corporate commitments to become “carbon neutral” is growing rapidly. Global carbon markets almost doubled in size in 2009.Emerald Knight is proud to offer investors an exclusive opportunity to purchase discounted Platinum Standard carbon credits direct from a prestigious project in the Amazon that will be sold to the offset market during a 12-month period to generate investors a fixed 30% return on investment.

Emerald Knight also offer two exclusive timber investments. Demand for tropical hardwoods has grown by nearly 25 times in the past four decades. Meanwhile the global supply of timber is falling and illegal timber is being sold. Our timber investments offer high returns and a variety of SIPP-approved models, plus contribute to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and provide a natural habitat for wildlife.

Emerald Knight also offer an agricultural farmland investment. Investors receive a guaranteed 70 per cent of net revenue, a defined exit strategy and investment term, with a secure and robust project structure. Buying farmland with a freehold contract is a very attractive investment opportunities in the SRI field.

Our objective is to create a diversified investment portfolio that generates strong returns on invested capital whilst delivering meaningful and measurable environmental benefits.