The only true global hospitality technology partner

Founded in 1998 and providing services in over 40 countries worldwide, iBAHN® is the world’s most reliable and respected provider of IPTV, next generation internet on TV services, movies and secure broadband solutions across all hotel areas. This is all made available by iBAHN’s fully integrated, cross-device platform delivering multi-screen internet experiences the best hotel guests demand. iBAHN are uniquely able to offer both differentiation from the competition and worldwide brand consistency. iBAHN connect all the devices, technologies and content choices that are essential to today’s complete guest experience that enables hoteliers to maximise profitability and sustain differentiation. iBAHN’s people, their experience, their financial stability and vision for the future gives hotels the confidence to invest in iBAHN. iBAHN’s commitment to research and development means they are continually offering new and exciting solutions to hoteliers and guests alike.