Powershot Brands Ltd

Meaningful drinks to do you good

PowerBrands A/S is Europe’s leading organic soft drinks and a member of the Danish based private enterprise Norslund Group A/S owned and managed by Jorn Senger. PowerBrands A/S is a fully owned subsidiary with its head office at the Norslund Estate in Denmark and an international sales office in central London, led by highly experienced management from the UK and international soft drinks business.

The company’s first product, the 10ml PowerShot ginseng energy booster, was launched on the Danish market in 2005 and since then, several million units of the original PowerShot have been sold throughout Europe. The next phase, in late 2009, consisted of the world’s first range of organic energy drinks in 330ml PET bottles. The Powershot expansion into organic drinks from mini booster supplements offered a broader market appeal, especially in the UK but the branding was felt to lack feminine appeal, a crucial audience who were not being adequately targeted according to research. Hence in spring 2011, the same drinks took on the Little Miracles branding. The company feels that it perfectly reflects what it believes is the future for health drinks within a more mainstream market environment. Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks are marketed successfully as an energising fusion of nature’s most revitalising super fruits and purest organic white, green or black tea, blended with the power of high quality ginseng to give a refreshingly healthy lift. Early UK success, reflected by major listings with Waitrose and Morrisons, has created further interest in various markets across the globe.