Kyte Consultants Ltd

Risk management services across a range of industries

Kyte Consultants Ltd is specialised in information security services and is dedicated to providing clients with a dependable and efficient service to help them securely achieve their business objectives.

Kyte Consultants are able to offer a number of bespoke services ranging from: Remote Gaming Consulting; PCI DSS Compliance; Internal Audit; Data Protection; Information Security and IS Audit.

Kyte can provide their customers with all the necessary remote gaming consulting required to obtain a remote gaming license, set up and maintain their operation. As a Qualified Security Assessor Company, Kyte can help merchants or service providers in achieving PCI DSS compliance.

Kyte can also assist clients with vulnerability scanning services and attack and penetration testing.

Kyte’s team can help companies set up a risk based internal audit function capable of identifying key risk areas, auditing them and reporting findings to management.

Kyte can help companies to comply with all the requirements of the Data Protection legislation and also act as their Personal Data Representatives, thus ensuring that they will be constantly compliant with the Act.

Kyte’s certified Information Security Professionals will advise you on secure implementations, controls and features to consistently and effectively protect your data in accordance with best practice.

Kyte Consultants has the necessary experience and know-how to be able to review IT systems and conduct an IS Audit in order to highlight the weaknesses which can threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

With a wealth of experience and qualifications in these areas, Kyte Consultants have established themselves as the leaders in this niche market.