Executive Wealth Management Ltd

The next generation in global executive investment and compensation planning

Executive Wealth Management (EWM) is a leading specialist in deferred compensation and investment plan design, implementation, and administration, and combines a wide range of expertise with a global presence. EWM serve local and global clients and are not restricted or influenced by predefined products or services. EWM focuses on client-specific challenges and provides executive benefit solutions tailored to precisely meet their clients’ diverse needs. Their services offer unprecedented financial benefit and flexibility to firms and their executives, seeking to maximise the value of pre – and post-tax investing to participants at the lowest possible cost for their employers.

Plan administration should never limit plan design, because creativity drives results. From traditional deferred compensation plan design to complex co-investment plans, EWM’s administrative capabilities and original approach give their clients a leading edge in recruiting the best talent, while providing those top recruits and the executives who shape their organisations a more compelling reason to stay.