Vertere Acoustics

In search of audio perfection

Vertere was born out of a deep desire to pursue audio perfection and a belief that innovation will both drive us forward and define who we are. A key part of Vertere’s ethos is a belief in simplicity: Perfection as Vertere see it is not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away. Of course, the quest for perfection in Vertere’s field can never be attained – for “perfect” audio one must be in the presence of the musicians. At Vertere the ambition is simply to carry on a long tradition of being the closest to perfection that is achievable. To listen and to hear how a system evolves towards this perfection does not require intensive training or conditioning of the mind. It is simply instinctive. Forgetting the Hi-Fi and listening to the music is the key. The result from hearing a Vertere component in use within a system instantly raises the bar to such an extent where no other component in its place will ever deliver the same satisfaction again.