Uppvik & Daughters

Presenting Swedish houses of character, style and atmosphere

Uppvik & Daughters Real Estate Agency is a family-run business that was established in the early seventies by Mats Uppvik, who has now retired. Gabrielle Malmberg, one of the daughters and today the managing director, joined the company in 1987. Since then, the family has grown into a team of dedicated professionals, working together to provide the best possible service to buyers and sellers, domestic as well as foreign. Uppvik & Daughters believe that people perform their best when they find their work enjoyable and stimulating. On a daily basis, Uppvik & Daughters strive to reinvent themselves, mixing passion for houses and people with knowledge and experience of property transactions. Uppvik & Daughters’ property portfolio consists of a small selection of houses, carefully chosen. Uppvik & Daughters prefer quality rather than quantity. Houses with character and atmosphere easily find their way to our hearts. Whether it ́s a romantic country cottage, a grand manor or a pastel-coloured house in a fishing village. Uppvik & Daughters provide guidance throughout the purchase process.