EcoHouse Developments Ltd

Leaving a legacy, by developing properties

EcoHouse developments is an established property development company, based in London and Brazil, which focuses on the Brazilian Government sponsored social housing programme ‘Minha Casa, Minha Vida’ (My house, My life) as well as selected first class resort linked land and building plots. With the Brazilian government’s wide ranging social and infrastructure improvement programmes, unparalleled opportunities to leave a long lasting legacy to the ordinary citizens of Brazil whilst investing responsibly in the property sector are now available. Investors are able to utilise their funds in a safe and rewarding project which is designed to provide upto 12 million homes over the next six years. Utilising EcoHouse’s unique UK regulated escrow programme allows investors to participate in the world’s most rapidly expanding economy with complete security and peace of mind. Additionally, all investor’s funds are held in a secure UK structure under the protection of UK regulatory authorities.