Illusions Online

Ahead of the travel technology curve

Illusions is a global travel technology company, providing online enterprise travel solutions software to tour operators and destination management companies. The company began in 1997 and over the years has established a client base spanning five continents, garnering blue chip clientele in the process. Illusions’ founder and CEO, Faisal Memon personifies dynamism and vision. By pioneering travel technology solutions in an evolving world, he’s seen that Illusions stands head and shoulders above its competitors. With a plethora of services under one roof Illusions encompasses a spectrum of travel, using the latest technology to enable the automation of travel companies and provide consumers with a simple and cost-effective way to book travel. Think of it as putting all travel technology solutions under one roof, devoid of operational nightmares and complications, and adapting and responding effectively to the ever-changing market requirements and conditions. Complete with a dedicated research and development team, Illusions knows the travel trade inside out and therefore ensures its clients are at the forefront of technology.