Blom Bank

Leading by example in the Middle East

Blom Bank is internationally recognised for upholding its high standards of excellence and innovation which it achieves through total dedication to its clients. Blom Bank has been privileged to receive the most prestigious of awards, including the Pan-Arab CEO of the year. Over recent years Blom Bank has become the best and most awarded bank in the region. Constantly developing and improving its services, Blom Bank Group provides universal banking services that meet all of its clients’ needs. These services include: Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Private and Investment Banking, Asset Management, Retail Banking, Islamic Banking, Brokerage Services and Insurance Products and Services. Blom Bank’s strategy is based on regional expansion to markets with strong fundamentals and on the diversification of its universal services. In this respect, Blom Bank has the widest foreign presence among Lebanese Banks, and is currently present in 12 countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, UAE, France, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.