Saxo Bank

Making your trading experience better than ever

Established in 1992 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Saxo Bank is a fully licensed and regulated European investment bank specialising in online trading and investment. Saxo Bank was among the first financial institutions in the world to develop an internet-based information and investment trading platforms. From the outset, the bank emphasised technology as a vital element for being competitive in the online trading industry. With a worldwide client base, Saxo Bank has been recognised for the excellence of its technology and the services it provides.

The best description of Saxo Bank’s traditional business model is that of a facilitator. The bank offers products and services provided by third parties and offers access through its online trading platforms. These are Saxo-WebTrader, SaxoTrader, SaxoMobileTrader as well as the latest addition, the Saxo Equity Platform providing private investors with institutional style trading and analysis tools. Saxo Bank’s business model relies to a certain extent on brokers and financial institutions that have a direct relationship with the client. They delegate the work of the operation and trade execution to Saxo Bank.

Saxo Bank offers professional portfolio management to high-net-worth individuals and institutions. The recent acquisition of Sirius, Capital Four and a 51% stake of Global Evolution marks a new era for the bank in the area of asset management and has secured a stronger Nordic presence in portfolio management. Saxo Properties is the newest addition to Saxo Bank’s product offering. Through Saxo Properties, both high-net-worth clients and institutional investors are now being offered property investment products.