Seven Investment Management

A radical, common sense approach to investment

Seven Investment Management (7IM) combines a discretionary asset management service with a range of multiple asset class funds. 7IM works closely with financial advisers to help drive costs down and service levels up for the clients who invest with them.

Once you have a financial plan in place, 7IM can help with the investments to help you reach your goals. 7IM’s focus is on asset allocation and they produce very broadly diversified portfolios to produce above average performance but also pay close attention to managing and reducing risk.

The company like to think that they take a radical, common sense approach but aim to have clients that can sleep soundly at night knowing that they are looking after their hard earned money.

Launched in March 2002, the company now has around £3.6 billion in assets under management and administration. For further information please speak to your financial adviser.