Teliris Telepresence

The industry leader in immersive telepresence meetings

Teliris Telepresence customers are benefiting today from the most immersive meeting environment available.

Teliris Telepresence, the most immersive and natural telepresence environment for nearly a decade, delivers broadcastquality, multi-point meeting experiences – simply and reliably – to more industry leading companies than any other vendor.

Our solutions are beyond ‘easy-to-use’ – they are natural extensions of your corporate meeting environment.

Teliris Telepresence solutions are the world’s most natural, immersive virtual meeting environments combining an intimate experience with innovative collaboration tools that allow effective interaction over distance.

Teliris Telepresence solutions define ‘industry leader’. Our presence allows companies to radically reduce travel costs, transform business cultures, realise carbon footprint reductions, secure business continuity plans, ensure healthy employee work/life balance and collaborate between offices more often and more effectively.

Immersive collaboration drives the experience. Our expansive range of immersive telepresence solutions is enhanced by a revolutionary suite of immersive collaboration tools built to share and manipulate any content naturally over distance.